Kiddiwinks Ethos

Children grow and develop at an incredible rate during their first few years of life, so, as well as focusing on comfort and the children's emotional security, we believe that they deserve to grow in a richly stimulating environment, with varied experiences in order that they reach their full potential. We consider it part of our responsibility to ensure that all children attending Kiddi-Winks are provided with love, affection and intellectual stimulation at all times. The nursery comprises 3 playrooms: Baby Room, Toddler Room and Pre-School Room. We are registered for 75 Children. Central to all our child care activities is the provision of a secure and loving environment in which children are encouraged to develop physically, emotionally and educationally. We are fortunate to have a large team of extremely dedicated, enthusiastic, loving and hard-working staff, who continually strive to transform plans, aims, objectives and dreams into reality. We all welcome you to Kiddi-Winks Nursery and assure you of our total commitment to providing a happy and rewarding experience for your child in these vital years.

Aims & Objectives

1. A friendly, loving, caring and secure environment

2. A comfortable, warm and spacious setting

3. Clean, hygienic and safe surroundings

4. Well-trained, qualified and motivated staff

5. High staff to child ratios

6. Equal opportunities, where every child is treated as an individual

7. Recognition of the importance of play

8. An educational programme that extends the child's knowledge

9. An educational programme that will prepare the child emotionally for school

10. A curriculum that builds self-confidence and a love of learning